The fastest sedan in the world -

1970 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3

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Charles de Young Thieriot  Publisher of the San Francisco Chronicle
Grandson of M.H. de Young, the newspaper's co-founder (together with his brother Charles de Young)

© San Francisco Chronicle

The paper  Founded in 1865, the Dramatic Chronicle beat all competitors in San Francisco by carrying the news of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  Always up for a fight, the de Young heirs and San Francisco Chronicle are famous for their decade long battle with the Hearst press empire and the Examiner (s. 134 Years of the Chronicle). 
The story ended in a joint monopoly and in the courts (s. Building a monopoly). 
The car  No wonder that Charles Thieriot opted for a car that was a wolf disguised in the banker's coat.  More power to him! (300 hp, to be exact.) 
He bought the car from a friend, when it was a year old.

One Bush Street is the address of Chase H&Q and J.P. Morgan H&Q.

... and here is the lucky charme ...

Richard Tobin Thieriot  Son of Charles Thieriot

© San Francisco Chronicle

Transfer of Power  When Charles Thieriot died, his son succeeded him as editor and publisher.  And as owner of a very fine car. 
Keeping the Power  In 1993, the San Francisco Chronicle's leadership changed when Richard Thieriot stepped down as editor and publisher and CEO of the parent Chronicle Publishing Company.  However, one part of his power he did not want to relinquish: The 300 SEL 6.3.  Legally, the car had always been titled to the newspaper, but now it was transferred to Richard Thieriot's name.


After 31 years and the estate sale, the car left sunny California ...
for the Sunshine State Florida ...



Coral Gables, Florida, U.S.A.