The fastest sedan in the world -

1970 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3

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Dry Weather  Having spent 97% of his life in California, and the rest in Florida, rust is not topic for this car.  The undercarriage is strong and completely free of any rust problem. 
Exterior and Interior  The blue metallic color attracts admiring and respectful looks, and is in very good condition.  A touch-up of door edges with polishing will soon be scheduled.  All chrome is there and shining.  The front grill top can be used as a mirror ... 
All wood linings are present and in very good condition. 
The red leather interior still has a wonderful smell.  The front seats were correctly reupholstered in matching leather, while the remainder of the interior is in very nice untouched original and beautifully maintained condition, with the rear seats showing classic patina. 
Use  The 300 SEL 6.3 is being used for gala and evening events, since limited active use is the best means to maintain and enjoy a car at the same time.
Air suspension  Apart from its huge engine, the 300 SEL 6.3 is famous for the air suspension, which it shares with the Mercedes-Benz 600 state limousines.  This car's air suspension pressure system is as tight as it can be (most parts are new, s. below); the car has not been seen to come down at all, not even the pressure warning light to come on. 
Recent maintenance  Very unlikely to cause headaches.  Within the last year, apart from regular maintenance and tune-ups, the following extensive tasks have been performed:
Differential  Repaired differential pinion gear gasket.  Differential oil changed. 
Air Suspension  Full system revision with installation of Star Motors rebuilt front air valves L/R, main air valve, air-suspension control switch, rear air bags L/R, air hoses.  Detailed system performance check and control of air-tightness.  Such a complete overhaul should give confidence for another ten years.
Electrical System  New alternator.  New voltage regulator and alternator belt. 
Fuel System  New fuel pump.  Fuel hoses replaced. 
Motor Mounts  Replaced to stabilize engine. 
New Hoses and Rubber Parts  Installation of new transmission oil cooler hoses L/R [why this is most important], air pump intake and exhaust hoses, air plenum intake rubber connectors. 
All water hoses replaced. 
Belt replaced. 
Various items  Valve cover gaskets L/R. 
Electronic ignition. 
Rear swing-arm bushings L/R. 
Accelerator linkage bushing. 
Horn replaced (to complete three-tone). 
Air Conditioning  Installation of new air conditioning system.  New parts: Sanden compressor, Sanden conversion kit, a/c hoses, a/c belts, seal rings, expansion valve.
Torque Converter  Replaced to eliminate leak.
Left Vent Window Assembly  Replaced to reduce wind noise.


Coral Gables, Florida, U.S.A.